Hey, I'm Minh Lai

Here is what I have done so far


Catalist ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Full stack developer

Auckland, New Zealand

Catalist will be New Zealandโ€™s only licensed* and regulated stock exchange designed for small and medium-sized businesses. At Catalist, I helped building the infrastructure and user interface.

Tech used: React, NextJs, Typescript, Nodejs, Aws ECS, Aws ECR, Aws S3, Aws SQS, Aws Clouformation, Aws Route 53, Aws SES, GitHub Actions, Docker, Auth0, PostgreSQL, Ethereum.

Oustack markerting

Outstack ๐Ÿš€

Full stack developer

Auckland, New Zealand

Outstack is a startup based in Auckland. Outstack company mission is to create a seamless, ease of use for billboard agency to manage inventory. As a full-stack developer, my primary role is around building features and monitoring infrastructure. I learned a lot about good practices in software development, cloud computing and startup world. Working in a startup, I got my first hands-on experience to product-market fit and other ways of building a product.

Tech used: React, Redux, Typescript, Nodejs, Aws Lambda, Aws S3, Aws SQS, Aws Route 53, Aws Cloudfront, CircleCI, Docker, Aws Clouformation, PostgreSQL.

AUT logo

Auckland University of Technology ๐Ÿค“

Teaching Assistant

Auckland, New Zealand

My primary role is helping first-year University student with their first programming language. I helped new students catching up with the class content, reinforce the knowledge from the lecture. The experience taught me teaching skill which is highly valuable as a software developer.

Voluntariyly logo

Voluntarily ๐Ÿ™‹

Open source contributor

Auckland, New Zealand

Voluntarily is an online app that connects volunteers with those asking for help. I helped Voluntarily building new features such as the first version of API authorization, digital badge issuing system, and fix bugs.

Tech used: React, Redux, NextJs, Nodejs, Aws S3, Aws SES, Docker, AVA JS

Side projects I have done
spicyhack logo

Online multi player math games. Built by a team of 4 in a Game hackathon.

Tech used: Javascript, SocketIO, Express.

spicyhack logo

Sadistic tech stack challenge generator

Tech used: Javascript, Netlify


Augmented Reality interior design app using Google AR sdk. The project is an effort of a group of 4. We experimented with the scrum methodology to build the product.

Tech used: C#, Unity

hello politician image

Hello Politician is a project I worked in a team of 6 to create a web app that shows financial and pecuniary interest data about politicians. The data about politicians are publicly available under PDF formats. We scraped all useful information from the PDF using Python, then displayed it in a web app which is easier to access.

Tech used: Route53, Javascript, Netlify, Python.

go func logo

Small utility library for Golang programmers

Tech used: Golang, Travis CI.

Swearsies logo

A digital swear jar that is used for better household language.

Tech used: Python, Google Text API, BankEngine Payments API, Node.js.

Auckland Transport logo

An interactive map showing location of each construction happening in Auckland. The project used a third party API provided from Auckland Transport.

Tech used: React, Netlify, Leaflet map.

About me

Hi again, my name is Minh Phu Lai. Iโ€™m a full stack developer currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. I love reading a good book and solve hard problems.

My online present

Oh, I sometime blog about my personal perspective of being a software developer too.