Hey, I'm Minh Lai

Projects & Work


Vend ๐Ÿ’š

Software developer

Auckland, New Zealand

Vend is the retail management software taking retail to the cloud.

At Vend, I am a part of onboarding team where we discover and fix any pain point of retailers. I have learn a lot about microservices and event streaming.


Catalist ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Full stack developer

Auckland, New Zealand

Catalist will be New Zealandโ€™s only licensed* and regulated stock exchange designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

At Catalist, I worked on React / NextJS, Typescript, AWS architecture, Ethereum, Golang, and bank integrations.

Tech used:
React, NextJs, Typescript, Nodejs, Aws ECS, Aws ECR, Aws S3, Aws SQS, Aws Clouformation, Aws Route 53, Aws SES, GitHub Actions, Docker, Auth0, PostgreSQL, Ethereum.

Oustack markerting

Outstack ๐Ÿš€

Full stack developer

Auckland, New Zealand

Outstack was a funded startup in Auckland that managed and sold digital billboard advertising inventory.

I worked on backend TypeScript, React frontend development, and AWS Architecture.

Tech used: React, Redux, Typescript, Nodejs, Aws Lambda, Aws S3, Aws SQS, Aws Route 53, Aws Cloudfront, CircleCI, Docker, Aws Clouformation, PostgreSQL.

AUT logo

Auckland University of Technology ๐Ÿค“

Teaching Assistant

Auckland, New Zealand

I mentored programming and computer science students. Topics included C, Java, and discrete maths.

Voluntariyly logo

Voluntarily ๐Ÿ™‹

Open source contributor

Auckland, New Zealand

Voluntarily is an open source webapp that connects volunteers with those asking for help.

As an open source contributor, I contributed the first version of their API authorization implementation, digital badge issuing system, and fixed bugs.

Tech used: React, Redux, NextJs, Nodejs, Aws S3, Aws SES, Docker, AVA JS

Side projects I have done
spicyhack logo

Spotify integration to view your most listening artists. This project was to learn .Net and implement Oauth with third party like Spotify

Tech used: Javascript, React, CSS, .Net Core 3.1, Netlify, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda.

spicyhack logo

Online multi player math game. Built by a team of 4 for a Game hackathon in August 2020.

Tech used: Javascript, SocketIO, Express.

spicyhack logo

Sadistic tech stack challenge generator

Tech used: Javascript, Netlify


Augmented Reality interior design app built with the Google AR SDK.

Tech used: C#, Unity

hello politician image

Hello Politician is a web app that discloses financial and pecuniary interest data provided by politicians.

The data is scraped from PDFs using Python, and shown in a web app to make it easier to understand.

Tech used: Route53, Javascript, Netlify, Python.

go func logo

Small utility library for Golang programmers

Tech used: Golang, Travis CI.

Swearsies logo

A digital swear jar that is used for better household language.

Tech used: Python, Google Text API, BankEngine Payments API, Node.js.

Auckland Transport logo

An interactive map that shows the location of active construction sites in Auckland. The project uses a third party API provided by Auckland Transport.

Tech used: React, Netlify, Leaflet map.

About me

Hi again, my name is Minh Phu Lai. Iโ€™m a full stack developer in Auckland, New Zealand. I love reading a good book, and solving hard problems.

My online present

Oh, I sometime blog about my personal perspective of being a software developer too.